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17th July 2024

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Every purchase at the etsy shop helps us fight. This website costs money. fliers and printing costs money. Traveling to engagements and senate hearings costs money. We cannot do this without your help! Please consider purchasing a shirt or hoodie. Of course, If you wish to contribute directly, you can always do that at GiveSendGo

Over 17,000 physicians and scientists have called for the modified mRNA COVID shots to be pulled off the market.
Now a growing group of politicians – elected officials and candidates running for office – have joined the effort to send a strong, unified message to Congress: PULL THE COVID SHOTS OFF THE MARKET. Take the pledge

Several requests have been made to make these business card sized flier files available, so here they are in a High Quality .PNG format. Just right click and save. Thank you guys for being so wonderful.

Due to the recent discovery that Pfizer violated the EUA requirements by failing to disclose known contaminants within the mRNA C19 injection, WeThePatriotsUSA has announced that they are filing landmark litigation against Pfizer. The Martins are their first plaintiffs.

Join the fight! Click their logo to visit the website to learn more and consider donating to help fund the legal battle. - Petition - Documentary

Just this last August, we had the privilege of being invited to Green Cove Springs, Florida to meet up with a BUNCH of wonderful people. Some had been injured by the Covid Shot. Some of them also lost loved ones. A few were Medical professionals that faced persecution for daring to stand when others would not. But ALL of these people have dedicated themselves to relentlessly fighting to #STOPTHESHOTSNOW . They’ve dedicated themselves to help get treatment for those suffering, justice for those killed, and find a way to make sure this never happens again. One such group of people is the organization. They are dedicated to protecting young adults that are caught in between planning their future and government tyranny. Find out more…

We are the Evidence
Cick to watch the 15 minute Documentary on Rumble

All funds donated to this GiveSendGo campaign will help fund Trista’s memorial and grave plot, fund this website and other awareness activism such as flyer and leaflet printing, travel to speaking engagements, etc. Thank you!

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