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Hospital Murder

I know that sounds too horrific to be true, but it happened right here in Oklahoma to countless people. Thousands of our loved ones were murdered in Oklahoma hospitals because of deadly protocols and financial incentives that directly led to their deaths.

The Federal Government financially incentivized doctors and hospitals to perform dangerous treatments and prescribe medications to patients who didn’t need them. The evidence is overwhelming and it is past time to hold these murderers accountable for what they have done. 

Witness Stories...

Here is a link to Peggy Hokett’s story on the CHD about how her husband was murdered in the Hospital. It’s tough to watch, but necessary that everyone see the truth behind what really happened. Please take a few moments and watch Peggy’s heart breaking story.

Here is Debra Davis’ story, also on CHD, about how the hospital murdered her veteran husband. Again, it is difficult to watch and heart breaking, but it is imperative that the truth about these murders is brought to light.

It's Time To Take Action!

FIRST! If you lost someone you love, OR Covid-19 Hospital Protocols like Intubation, Remdesivir, etc injured you, Please go immediately to VAXDAMAGE.ORG and submit your information to the Truth for Health Foundation. Litigation is currently being established all around the U.S. and we need your help. You will pay nothing.

NEXT! We will be presenting the Oklahoma Attorney General with a petition demanding that these murders be investigated and prosecuted. If you are an Oklahoma resident, you can help by signing the ONLINE PETITION HERE.

If you want to spearhead a signing drive in your neighborhood, business, or community with a paper version, you can download and print the petition below. Go ahead, print, and start your drive at any time.

Download The Petition

Download and Print the petition to spear-head a signing drive in your area of Oklahoma.

We reserved the OKC 2nd floor Capital Rotunda on February 17th to tell our elected Oklahoma Representatives that we demand action and accountability for the crimes committed against us and our loved ones by bad doctors, pharmaceutical companies, health organizations, 3 letter agencies, and our own government! We are working on putting up some of the videos and will have them here soon.

Get in Touch

Use the contact form below to contact us with any questions or to arrange delivery/pickup of your completed petitions.