28. adopt a teenager
27. Be a mother
29. Be a foster parent
9. Love myself
38. Donate Blood
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Trista was only 18 years old. She had just graduated from Broken Arrow High School and was looking forward to college. She was a hard worker and responsible beyond her years. She was fiercely protective of the people she loved and had the World’s best laugh. She was quick to forgive and the first to tell you when you’d screwed up. She was funny and giving and among the best listeners you’d ever meet. She was a wonderful daughter, the greatest sister and the BEST friend a person could have. She was beautiful both inside and out.

We found Trista’s “Bucket List” under her bed about 2 weeks after she went to Heaven. She had written it when she was 16 and had been crossing things off as she accomplished them. The list contains quite a few things you would expect a 16 year old to include, Like “8. Ride the Biggest Rollercoaster in America.”, But there are also several items that demonstrate just how selfless and GOOD Trista was. We included a few of those in the slide show above.

Trista loved her family, her friends and her Car Karaoke.