What Happened

On November 9th, 2022 18 year old Trista Martin woke up around 8:30am. She told her sister, Maya, that she was having difficulty breathing and that she “hurt all over”. Trista decided to lie back down “Hoping to feel better”. Trista never woke up again.

Trista was healthy and had no comorbidities or pre-existing conditions. In fact, she had a recent annual checkup that included blood work and other tests, proving that she was healthy. As part of that very checkup, she elected to receive the Pfizer Bio-N-Tech Covid injection. Her parents and Family were unaware that she had made this choice until the day she lay dying in the hospital.

After hours of horror and tears, Trista officially passed away at 5:05pm on November 9th, surrounded by her family and friends. The Doctors had no answers.  Trista’s toxicology was clean. She had no known congenital issues or conditions. Her family was left devastated and in shock.

At the hospital, one of Trista’s close friends told the Martins that Trista had received the “Covid Shot”.  Initially, Trista’s parents didn’t think this information was relevant. Desperate for answers, they began their own research. All roads led them back to the realization that, in fact, it WAS the Pfizer Bio-N-Tech injection batch FN2908 that stole their daughter’s life.

excerpt from autopsy

During the late summer and early fall of 2022, Trista complained of dizziness when standing, nausea, weight loss and excessive tiredness. We now know that Trista was suffering the symptoms of Myocarditis throughout this time. Her body was desperately trying to heal. She survived the onset and duration of this, but she did not survive the scarring and damage it did to her heart and the damage to her other organs caused by out of control auto-immune responses and clotting.

The threat to Trista’s life was compounded by the second shot and her broken body finally succumbed to the damage on that November morning, despite her body’s desperate attempt at fighting to heal. At the hospital her D-dimer level was 128,000 µg/l, that’s 256 times what is normal.  The hospital Doctors diagnosed her with acute respiratory failure, acute pulmonary edema, small pulmonary emboli, suspected aspiration, acute renal failure, acute encephalopathy,

 cardiac right ventricle failure, circulatory shock, acidosis, coagulopathy, acute blood loss anemia, bowel ischemia, elevated thyroid stimulating hormone, hypoproteinemia, hypokalemia, hypernatremia, transaminitis, and hyperglycemia. The autopsy showed that her heart was damaged and her body was riddled with clots and damage to her other vital organs. Trista’s chance of being hospitalized with Covid was .002%

There was NO benefit to her getting this shot, only risk.

Analysis of Autopsy and Hospital Records

Trista’s case has been reviewed by numerous medical professionals and data analysts. Including World renown cardiologist and whistleblower Dr. Peter McCollough and  Dr. James Thorpe, as seen in the Shot Dead film. Though she lived in Oklahoma where her family still resides, Another analysis was done by John Beaudoin, Sr., a data analyst currently reviewing and reporting excess deaths and involved in litigation in Massachusetts. We were fortunate enough to have him analyze Trista’s records and compare her death to what he has found in Massachusetts.
Here’s part of his summary:

“…under the bullet item related to “Heart:” that “The ventricular myocardium shows patchy hypereosinophilia, myocyte contraction band necrosis, and interstitial edema with a mild acute and chronic inflammatory infiltrate. The right ventricular myocardium shows occasional scattered interstitial and perivascular neutrophil aggregates.”
…There is interstitial vascular congestion, interlobular septal edema, focal perivascular hemorrhage, scattered foci of alveolar hemorrhage, and a diffuse mild to moderate peribronchial chronic inflammatory infiltrate. A few parenchymal pulmonary arteries display acute thrombosis.”
56. “Acute blood loss anemia” mentioned in ¶ 53 is also known as “Acute posthemorrhagic anemia” and carries an ICD-10 code of “D62,” which is one of the strongest signals of excess deaths in years 2021 and 2022 in Massachusetts with no signal of excess in 2020 (see EXHIBIT B, page B-7). Acute posthemorrhagic anemia involved deaths were in excess by 44.5% and 59.0% in Massachusetts in years 2021 and 2022, respectively, totaling 66 excess deaths involving this one cause of death.
57 “Other venous embolism and thrombosis” carries an ICD-10 code of “I82,” which is also one of the strongest signals of excess deaths in years 2022 in Massachusetts at 21.6% excess, or 11 excess deaths (see EXHIBIT C, page C-27).
58 “Encephalopathy, unspecified” carries an ICD-10 code of “G93.4,” which is a strong signal of excess deaths in Massachusetts (see EXHIBIT D, page D-9). There are more signals of excess deaths beginning in 2021 and which match the thrombotic effects noted in Trista’s autopsy. Pulmonary emboli is one of the strongest signals of covid immunization harm worldwide. Gastro-intestinal shutdown and/or hemorrhage has also occurred as noted in the VAERS record of a 7-year-old girl in Massachusetts, who is correlated to a Death Certificate of a 7-year-old girl who died 5 days after covid immunization (See ¶ 13). The agents listed on the front of this Memorandum have a legal duty to investigate Trista’s death in the context of the abundant evidence herein provided.”

The FAQs and FACTS

We have confirmed that Trista received the first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine on July 20, 2022, by finding her vaccination card in her purse after her passing. We attempted to obtain medical records from the doctor who administered the shot but were met with dishonesty, delays, and outright denial of her treatment. They went so far as to claim that Trista was not a patient at their clinic. Only after filing a complaint with the Oklahoma Board of Osteopathic Examiners did we manage to prove, using insurance billing records, that Trista had indeed been seen at their facility. Upon receiving a few poorly handwritten pages of records, we were left with more questions than answers. The doctor who administered the shot failed to report it to OSIIS or any other relevant data recording or regulatory agency. Among the few pages we received was an almost blank intake form dated October 28, 2022, 12 days before Trista’s death. The only information recorded on the form is an allergy questionnaire. We believe that Trista received a second dose of the Pfizer vaccine on this date. See documents below. Redactions are required due to litigation.

FMA Vax Card
Vax Card found in Trista's purse
Redacted 10-28 file
Redacted October 28th Intake file

Trista is believed to have contracted COVID-19 twice, once in mid-2020 and again in early 2021. However, she only tested positive for COVID-19 in early 2021 using an in-home test kit. Her father also tested positive at this time. The rest of the family tested negative, but all experienced varying degrees of symptoms. Trista’s symptoms were mild, consisting of an annoying cough. This was 1.5 years before she received the first Pfizer injection.

Some people falsely claim that Trista died as a result of COVID-19 infection and not the Pfizer injection. This claim is easily disproven. Trista received her first Pfizer injection as part of an annual checkup that included blood work and other tests that showed she did not have any of the conditions that eventually led to her death. Trista had no symptoms of heart problems (or any other illness) until after receiving her first dose. Additionally, she tested negative for COVID-19 as she lay dying.

This video was made by our dear friend John Davidson with BrokenTruth.com. He is an amazing investigative journalist. His expertly written, hard hitting articles have exposed evils in numerous areas of Government, Finance and Corporate Industry. I HIGHLY recommend visiting his site, following his social media and subscribing to his content. 

Below is a link to the Martin’s interview on John Davidson’s video podcast, Broken Truth. John’s articles and podcasts summarize the facts and expose the evil that took our beautiful daughter, Trista, from us on that horrible November day.

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